MCDHA is a professional organization representing our members, the registered dental hygienists of Montgomery County, Maryland. Our local component offers continuing education courses for relicensure and networking for our members and colleagues of the dental profession.


for our

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Continuing Education Courses

Located at Leisureworld's Maryland Room

3701 Rossmoor Blvd.

Silver Spring, MD 20906

Lunch Provided to those taking all day class

         Classes Include:

Dr. John Brewer:

Dental Emergencies and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Course Description:

Medical emergencies can occur at anytime in the dental office.  Preparation for such emergencies is extremely important.  A team approach ensures that all members of the dental team are prepared to handle emergency situations effectively.  Through lecture and emergency case review, participants will improve their recognition and understanding of medical emergencies in the dental office setting. 
Objectives:  Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
·         Discuss the most common medical emergencies
·         Discuss drug related emergencies
·         Identify drugs/ supplies  required for  the Dental Office Emergency Kit
·         Review  the  medical history and identify patients at risk for medical emergencies
·         Systematically approach the management of an in office emergency.



Dr. Tassos Sfondouris:

Course will cover:​

  • The new Classification Scheme for Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions- Key changes from the 1999 Classification

  • The Latest in Periodontal Therapy and Research



Dr. Tassos Sfondouris was born and raised in Annapolis, MD Tassos Sfondouris, DDS earned his Dental degree from the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry in 2007 and he received his Specialty Certificate in Periodontics and Dental Implants in 2010 at the University of Maryland, as well. Additionally, Dr. Sfondouris earned a Master of Science Degree and completed a Prosthetic Fellowship program at the University of Maryland. After the completion of his fellowship program, Dr. Sfondouris was a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry where he taught in the undergraduate dental program. Dr. Sfondouris became board certified by the American Board of Periodontology in 2011.

Dr. Sfondouris has lectured to various local dental society and hygiene clubs on topics such as: Immediate Implants with Provisionalization in the Esthetic Zone, Developing a Comprehensive Treatment Plan, Treatment for Peri-Implantitis, Periodontal Regeneration, as well as Treatment for Gum Recession.

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