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our January 28, 2023 CE Courses

Get up to 6 CEs in one day!

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Presenter: Lisa Stillman, RDH, BS
9:00 AM -12:00 PM
CE: 3

Lisa Stillman.png

Lisa Stillman, RDH, BS

Lisa Stillman, RDH, BS, knows from personal experience how this natural sweetener, xylitol, can help those in need. She is a clinical dental hygienist, national speaker, published author, and was awarded the RDH Magazine/Sunstar Award for her work with the mental health population. Lisa is a Regional Education Manager for Xlear/Spry, who is the leading manufacturer of the xylitol dental defense system. She can be contacted at

Presenter: Elizabeth Robles, DDS
1:00 PM -4:00 PM
CE: 3

Elizabeth Robles, DDS


I was exposed to the field of Orthodontics at a very young age while visiting my mother’s
Orthodontic practice. Having her as a strong role model in all aspects of my life while my father helped successfully manage the business side of the family practices helped lead me into this intriguing field. Attending various lectures on this fascinating world of Orthodontics continuously helps me enhance and contribute positively to the lives of my patients.


The ever evolving improvement which shows safer, faster, and simplified ways of treatment mechanics, from the big giants of Orthodontics such as Dr. Dwight Damon and Dr. Chris Chang to name a few, has helped me gain this needed clarity. The understanding of passivity using Damon brackets ensures my patients have healthy PDL, healthy roots, faster movement, gentler forces and up to 70% less pain. Evolving from the traditional sense of treatment to using PSL (passive self ligating) brackets and its corresponding mechanics has continuously helped me achieve the results I have always dreamed of. Having this knowledge and peace of mind is priceless.


Thirty years later and being a passionate teacher at heart, I have developed continuing education courses for Dental professionals in Maryland to help share this eye opening way of treatment. I haven’t looked back since. One common thread I’ve come to realize is that most Dentists, and understandably so, are lost in this sometimes confusing and overwhelming variety of treatment
mechanics and bracket systems that are out there. This has oftentimes produced unwanted root resorption and reciprocating negative reactions with unrealized forces placed onto the teeth.

This has brought me into developing an online technique course with an optional mentorship program for Dentists. I would not be here without orthodontic assistants whom I have trained to be ten steps ahead of me. The often overlooked role they play in allowing me to provide treatment with ease is critical. Without proper training and support, I would have been burnt out many years ago. This is why I have also included an online course to help them help their Doctors as in many instances, there is little time spent properly training them. Not from lack of wanting, but the time and energy needed are often diminished with running a practice.

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